Every work purchased at www.allegrarte.com comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) either signed by the artist himself or signed by one of our partners.

What is a COA?

Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork. This document will be sent to you in an envelope together with your artwork.

The certificate of authenticity is the guarantee that you purchased an original artwork created by the artist.

Every certificate issued by Allegrarte contains the following information:

1. Name of artwork,

2. Picture of artwork,

3. Medium,

4. Dimensions of artwork,

5. Limited Edition # of # (this only applies to limited editions such as prints or photographs),

6. The year the artwork has been created,

7. The name of the purchaser (in case the work is sold by one of our partners),

8. The place where the artist signature on the original artwork is situated (for instance signature on the back of the artwork upper left corner),

9. The artist’s or partner’s legal representative hand-written signature,

10. The date of signature of the COA.

In case of loss or damage of your certificate, just contact us and we will provide you with a replacement certificate.

We advice you to keep your certificate at a safe place as it is the proof that you purchased a genuine and original artwork.

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